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Award winning Independent director Kyle Klubal is an old soul and looks to capture the essence of classic Hollywood storytelling in this new digital, social and visual world.  While he pays homage to the pioneers of cinematic TV and Filmmaking he blazes the trail for the future of television and film in the 21st Century. 


A graduate of Full Sail University, Kyle Klubal established Klubalturn Productions in 20xx where he continues to hone his skills as a Writer, Director and Producer of several award winning shorts and feature films such as JackRabbit 29 (feature), Kick Paddle (short) and Postal (grindhouse trailer. 


Kyle has his eyes set on his next feature film, Postal and aspires to lend his talents as director on some of televisions hit series. Some of his major influences come from the work of Filmmakers such as Dario Argento and Alejandro Jodorowsky.  

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