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Award Winners 2016

A Chimerical Illusion (Short Film) 

Prepare To Die (Grindhouse Trailer) 

Chaos and murder ensue in this slasher when Fred visits his estranged uncle for the weekend taking six of his closest friends with him as they quickly begin dying one by one in horrific ways at the hands of the uncle and his deranged family.

Kick Paddle, Kick Paddle (Short Film) 

Naomi is in love with Gabe and decides to throw him a surprise birthday party up at his cabin in the woods, the only problem the carpool forget to pick her and her best friend up. To make matters worse a group of professional killers have an important business transition occurring at the same time nearby. Will Naomi make it to Gabe's Party? Will anyone still be alive before she gets there? Who knows but one thing is for sure, everyone will get more than they bargained for in this Grindhouse tale involving Serial Killers, Hitmen, Superhero's, and a bunch of teens who were only looking to have a fun weekend in the woods. 

Postal (Grindhouse Trailer)

A gruesome slasher about a deranged mailman serial killer who goes around murdering his victims one by one all according to his route while being pursued by an Australian troubadour who hunts serial killers for a living. Meanwhile a group of teenagers on the mailman's route come together and try and stop him themselves.

Craftsmen of The Daydream (Short Film) 

A character study set overnight at a local mom and pop fast food restaurant following in the day in the life of it's employees as some deal with personal/relationship issues and others more life changing and potentially dangerous while all is seen and revealed one night during this late shift.

Toward The Entryway (Short Film) 

A haunting tale of the odd and macabre as a young woman is terrorized by several supernatural forces which may be real or only her imagination.

Zombies In The Basement (Grindhouse Trailer)

In a post apocalyptic zombie populated world, a group of survivors comprised of former business men, rent-a-cops, teenagers and a serial killer, band together to lead what's left of humanity to safety as they encounter mad scientists, crazed cults, and of course zombies on the way.

Turn Left (Grindhouse Trailer) 

A crazed tale of a demonic GPS, which comes to life killing anyone who crosses paths with it, forcing the local sheriff to recruit several demented mercenaries.

Feature Films

JackRabbit 29 (Feature Film) 2013

Jackrabbit 29 is an unconventional, character-driven thriller.  When a young couple goes missing, a large reward is issued for their return. The reward attracts an eccentric mix of characters to the town including bounty hunters, hit-men, and more. We follow them as they cross paths and search for the missing couple. Full of bizarre characters, a nonlinear story-line, and all sorts of twists and turns.

Seeing Trough (Feature Film) 2011

A Character Study following a Father and two sons over the course of one long weekend where each must come to terms with the sudden and unexpected departure of their runaway mother. 

Rehearsal (Feature Film) 

A restaurant owner tries to impress his best friend and his fiancé by throwing a killer rehearsal dinner. The problem is, he can't seem to let go of the past. 

Short Films

Off/On Buttons (Short Film) 2020

As if being stuck in the waiting room of a Hospital with her younger sister all day wasn't bad enough, Penny must now face a fellow classmate from school who is also at the Hospital whom she finds annoying, but when the two connect Penny may find that nothing is exactly what it seems and will walk away with a different outlook on both people and how the day is going.

On A Scale of 1 To 10 (Short Film) 2020

While out of town for a convention, Emerson decides to have a little fun and hire himself an escort for the evening during his last night at the hotel, however fate refuses to let him have a great night as everything that can go wrong certainly does in this Comedy/Drama about one man's quest to save face and not get caught with his pants down both literally and metaphorically.


We're On A Holding Pattern (Short Film) 2020

The worst place to suffer from a case of IBS is on an Airplane which unfortunately for Finely is his case as he must decide on whether or not to find the courage to get up and use the restroom or suffer through for the rest of his long flight, but some chance bizarre incidents and crazy passengers may cause this embarrassing experience to become even worse in this hilarious situational Comedy.

An Audience of Elephants (Short Film)

When Fenton wakes up inside a Prison Cell with no memory of how he got there or why he finds his situation quite confusing and bizarre. Things only get stranger when to his surprise a local Superhero to the city turns up who has also been placed inside a Prison Cell next Fenton's and claims that a Super Villain of his is behind all of this. Together the two must figure out what is happening and escape along with discovering what Fenton has to do with all of this in this unconventional Psychological Thriller involving both external and internal Prisons.

Copy & Paste (Short Film) 2016

Woodland a being who is both part man & part animal has left society and all of it's hassles behind to retreat into the great wilderness. Now alone in solace, he plans to spend his days creating music and enjoying life until an unknown menacing presence decides to intervene. 

Common Poisonous Things (Short Film) 2016

A Horror/Comedy Grindhouse Film about a man on the day of his wedding who is wrestling with doubts about going through with it while at the same time having suspicions that his first one true love may have been kidnapped by a cult of demon followers who plan to use him and his wedding ceremony for their own agenda. Now he must team up with his two best men (both demon slayers) and together the three of them must stop the cult, find the girl, save the world . . . and still decide whether or not to get married!!!!

Teach A Bird To Talk (Short Film) 2015

A Grindhouse Horror Film focusing on demonic possession where a group of teens on their way to a concert must join forces with a team of hitmen to stop the demon forces from hell who are possessing all residents of a local team.

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